Hello my dear customer



I am Nithchy from Thailand , We produce quality wooden silk box ,wooden


invitation silk box, wooden  favor silk box, wooden jewelry box ,costume


jewelry , wedding candle, or wood high gloss box ,and custom made box 


About my product i do only premium quality handicraft but in budget and


reasonable price , Normal customer always find only cheap price ,so they


will get only cardboard box , and it will become with poor quality product


as it just only paper cover by fabric , so i think if customer consider to pay


more money 1-3 usd , you will get premium quality and in wooden silk box


instead of paper cardboard box  , the value you get is wooden silk box ,and


they will more beauty and long keepsake  more than 10 year ,if you buy


cardboard box , it can keep good shape only one week or 1 month , it will


reshape as paper have short life time as they absorb  humid in air all time,


so please kindly consider this choice too ,



Anyway my product are pleasure to browse, our work are considerably attached


to natural resources  and trend but we definitely care for an environment effect


but however we still retain quality control  for all our handmade product ,



We realize that our customers have many different tastes so we provide a range


of creative products to satisfy our customer 's needs ,  For example you may be


give us an idea your design which we will then adapt design to serve your


desires and we can flexible to all our customer 's needs such as minimum order 


custom made design , or you can tell me your budget price idea , i will adapt


product to fit your  budget as I can , so let us have the opportunity to service


your requirements 



And  the most important thing we thank you so much for visiting our website


and welcome you to visit us again to see our new innovative range of products


and new arrival design every month and our website is updated accordingly ,


here is list of website ,if one web is not working,you can check another website 









Finally please kindly email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,if you want to order ,every


enquiry are welcome ,So hope i have chance to produce for you so soon 


Sincerely Yours,


Nithchy m






Because we do only wooden silk box in premium quality in reasonable  price , i  


always have new arrival  design and  show on my website as i only export


worldwide ,my customer is high end customer ,royal family ,celebrity or even


normal customer always order as my price is can reachable  and not different


when compare with cardboard box in market , so have many factory or trader


company always copy my photo box to show in their website and claim they


doing this product or  this box is they do in original  , they always claim if buy


from them it cheap price ,( they reduce cost of box   by reduce part of box ,


reduce quality paper,and do thin box to save cost or reduce some part of box  


such as poor sponge   , no pad , or no cushion  beside box to reduce cost ) so


customer will get cheap price  but mix and poor quality ,as they use mix quality


of skill craft man to   save cost , and some factory copy my design and do new


 piece and post their website, but you can notice easily their box can not close


properly or overlap or not smooth in edge box , so please kindly ask them to


send sample to  show you  before real order , if sample is not good ,  so real


 order is 100 % bulk and mix  quality , i try to monitor some website company


and find company below is always lie customer , they do  copy my style and 


some  company lie customer they are nithchy and i order from them or 


what ever reason they lie to you because  i am nithchy and I am owner of


Nitchy leo and i not  have any branch in another country so this link is


show you about copy cat ,and you can see quality between my product and them 




 , so please  aware this factory below for example ,they are copy cat and do poor quality



1 China example Xiaosing company , Xiamen xiangyi , Beijing jinhui ,


 Guangzhou mengxing , hubei province company, mengxin commercial ,i


 tracking every week ,it will has new company copy my picture and style to


 cheating customer, but i have no time to find every week , i try to contact them


 and said it not right to post my picture box and do like that , they said , it one


tip to bring customer and order from thier company , and when customer pay


for them they have no choice , if bad quality , customer must accept , as they


no policy refund so please kindly  beware that china company if they do


business by copy from another factory and post in thier website  , how


you trust them, if they do good quality , they  can do product and photo


their product , no need to use another factory photo , and some picture


 they do new piece but copy my style box and exact embellishment but


 in small size , but you can notice it poor quality ,and very big different if



compare from the original picture , you can notice , thier website is some



product look good ,some is bad, that they copy from another factory , so


please highly avoid this company ,if do business with lie , how make sure



they will honest ,  and next company is Guangzhou meihua paper ,and



 Hubei province mengxing they copy my original photo box and post on


their website by delete my logo and claim  they are produce  , so a


lot of company in china always do like this ,so please kindly beware



as picture of product can copy  but quality can not copy 



2 India such as Upani ,  or Mini impex ,G land,Sheemadush



3. in USA website name www.carlo-cards.com , they copy all image in my website ,and delete


my logo and put their logo,  if you order with that website , they not order from me


, they order from poor quality but use my image box to show customer, i try to contact them


to delete all my picture ,but they ignore , and it very bad behavior and very embarrassing




4. Thailand example Handbag asia ,Nangfa company ,Designer bag company


please be aware this company too as they always claim they are nithchy


( they lie )  , and  if you see product similar or same my style post on their



website  , but in cheap  price and in cardboard box version not wooden silk



box version , and claim this is nithchy , so please be aware , and when



customer order them ,customer will think they will get good quality


same in picture , but when they get real order ,they always  regret as


it poor quality , so please kindly beware ,


if you want to get original product , you can contact me direct at


 my email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


and my web is http://www.nithchy.com 


, or may be you can test by order sample from me and the another company


and compare in real piece by yourself ,as when you get real piece , it can not


propaganda or lie , as box show on your hand , my real box is same quality


in picture as i not retouch picture , so it same quality you see in web


and real piece , and i believe one thing  ,if they do good job , that company


no need to copy from my  website ,they must proud of theirwork , product



will advertise itself and they no need to lie customer  they are nithchy  ,it


unhonest if they do good quality product , they no need to do tricky


business or lie customer , picture and style can copy , but quality can not


copy exactly right ,and again , may be a little tip or way to protect you



from cheating company ,when you open their website ,please notice below 




1 they will only have small picture post in web ,as they copy my photo and


delete my logo ,if big picture it  will have evidence they use program delete


my logo ,please ask them to send you big picture ,



if they can not send you ,you can assume they not have original picture just



copy from my website 



2 i believe one thing ,if they can do in good quality , every style must good



quality ,you can ask them to do new piece and photo to you ,but change


color of product , so you can compare new piece they do for you and photo if



you see it different quality not same original picture , you can assume this



company is do poor quality every type of product 




3 you may be order their sample , now you can see in real piece this tip it



can certainly see quality and make decision again , you can accept their


quality or not , So hope this little trick you can get the good quality product



and reasonable price , 


4. because as i say , i have many style of box and have new arrival all time,


and has some company always copy my style box and embellishment ,so i



produce silk fabric is for my exclusive use , so my silk box is use fabric silk


not same them ,so if you used to order product from me before , you will see



it different silk , so if you are wholesale or shop , please kindly ask me to


send you new silk swatch ,to make sure you get the unique silk box



and hope i have chance to produce for you so soon thank you


Sincerely Yours,


Nithchy M.